Brink of Existence

fall through the abyss and cease to exist

  • After some internal debate, this journal has become semi-locked. Meaning, there will be public entries I don't mind everyone seeing, but there will be a big half of friends-only entries. 

random stress relief writing
I barely write in second person anyway... so I guess this was interesting :\


When the Past Comes

It’s one of those days. One of those mornings when the past comes and touches you gently on the face. Even as you doze, even when you’d yet to open your eyes to the first light of day, you can feel it crouch beside your bed (it should have been impossible. The desk was there and you had your chair pulled out) and very gently (very softly) lay its fingers on your forehead (not warm, not cold. Just a presence), caress your cheeks and brush past your lips. You feign a sleepy hum and roll over, burying your face into the coarse fabric of your pillow case. You want it to leave you alone, but you can’t bear to drive it away.
It misses you. And loves you just as much. You know this. You know this because once upon a time, you loved it too. Dearly, passionately, so deep you thought you could die for it.

But not anymore.

You have too many secrets the way you are now. Too many things the past can’t be told. You feel too deeply for what the present is - a torrent of content, of happiness, loneliness and confusion; of wide strokes of apathy and dots of sadness you have no purpose for. It’s not that simple anymore. You have too many secrets that simple love, hate, and jealousy can’t even begin to explain.
The past sits beside you even as you curl up tighter on your side (your eyes are open now, it knows you’re awake) and lays a hand on your arm. There’s a firm longing lingering in its contact and your chest clenches (involuntary. You’re not going to cry, but you’d give a lot to be able to). You’re not sure what you feel for it anymore.


You tell yourself. Nothing. Everything that mattered before seemed to have withered and washed away. Every love, every hate – everything that you’ve cried for, everything that you’ve laughed for, everything you thought you put your very soul into – you don’t feel it anymore. You remember the events, you remember how you reacted, but the feeling is gone.
You sit up, the past at your shoulder and its breath on your ear (warm and steady). You’re not sure it’s right to say that it hurts to feel nothing, but there’s a void in your chest that you can’t quite stand. You wish you could care, you wish you could find comfort when the past’s caress came, but you can’t. You’ve changed.
You’ve grown up and come to understand so much more than you did before. Experienced so much more, stopped believing in so much more. You don’t want the past to change, because it’s the one who made you what you are (and for that you are grateful). But you can’t help the whisper of guilt brushing past the edge of your consciousness when you realized you’ve changed, but it never will.
There’s a hole in your chest, your body is limp and your mind is numb. There’s a faint echo in your ear that accuses you for the promises you made that weren’t really promises (things you’ve said and how you’ve said them). You said you’d wait. You said you’d never change (and you believed you wouldn’t. You really did).
A trickle of guilt runs cold in your veins, but it’s so small a sliver that already, you can’t feel it anymore. You don’t feel anything (can’t). You lay back down (curl up tight and face the wall). There’s a void in your chest, but somehow (when the past lays its head at the crook of your neck), you feel so unbelievably warm.
You close your eyes, though you know sleep has left you for good. You won’t (can’t) get out of bed. Not when the past comes back to haunt you.

Updates on life
So somehow, in a lot of ways, my life's getting pieced together bit by bit from the mess it was last year, and although I'm still struggling and still have worries about a lot of things, I'm beginning to thing I have more control over things?

Career wise, I've probably gone down the worst possible avenue last year regarding academic choices and efforts. My GPA right now is a crippling 2.99, and it hurts my pride even more to think that getting a 3.8 was literally not a problem in high school. Now I really wish that, if I could erase everything that happened last year, I would. I really had too much on my back - both academically and emotionally.

Now that I think of it, it really was just overestimating myself on overloading credits and dealing with being in a completely different country all alone at the same time. Cue both academic and emotional disaster. (well, half the academic disaster I kind of blame on getting an incompetent advisor that I literally had to stalk and hunt down for advising (and even then he failed to give me proper direction on class scheduling protocol), but that's beside the point) The damage is done, and all I can do now is try my best to fix it.

I've dropped my Russian minor and given up studying abroad. I've also switched off my advisor to a much, much more helpful professor on the health professions committee.

Of course, I stabbed my ego to death when I dropped my Russian minor, but it really was possibly the best logical decision to make under my circumstances. The class was miserable. The dynamic between the professor (who was a native, and really couldn't understand our struggles, much less understand what we were even trying to say in English because our Russian wasn't good enough to formulate complex questions) and the rest of the oh, maybe FIVE students was absolutely unbearable. The atmosphere was dead and there seemed to be no genuine interest lurking anywhere about the room.

It's not that I haven't gone asking for help, it's that just even trying to get the prof to understand why I'm struggling and really don't have time in all my bio major-y-ness to magically have an extra 3+ hours every week for mandatory movie nights was difficult.

....I even feel like my suspicions on how inexperienced she was was confirmed when she ended up literally on the verge of tears when I told her (quite gently too) how I wanted to drop the class.

So that was that,
I'm pulling myself back together, despite picking up a psych minor since then. Sort of goes against the whole "lightening up my load" thing going on, but to be fair, I've skipped out of a major pre-req for that major just by using some of my high school transfer credits - plus the psych course I'm taking this year is really the favorite class I'm taking. (and also that other note where I would totally be a research psychologist if my mother didn't disapprove of it about just as much as my father disapproves of an art career.)

Anyway. The big thing happening right now is...

research applications and medical shadowing.

Basically I'm unconfident enough about my GPA that I'm constantly worried I'll be turned down from research internships. I've already applied for a paid internship at my own college (by god, they pay a lot for research) and have already gotten an interview for it, but I'm still worried about it coz I really really really want this position, and the prof running it told me openly that there are only two slots open and I'm just super unconfident because of my GPA, even though I don't even know how many people even applied for it.

On the other hand, I could also apply for a handful of similar internships outside of my college. There are a couple really appealing ones like ones featuring cardiovascular research in the University of Michigan Medical School, or this one in Las Vegas that offers a crazy stipend of $5000 as opposed to the $3000 my college offers, but I really only want to just be at my college. (and also the fact that most of these apps require recommendation letters, and that's really hard to come by for me considering the fact that I have no experience working in prof labs. Geez. Talk about catch 22's.)

I really just want to work here over the summer. ;^;

If I do, I have a couple connections from a class I took last semester, and I could very well do this internship and shadow doctors in the area at the same time. Which would be wonderful practical experience for me considering how awful my academic reputation is right now.

uuuughhhh if only everything could turn out as planned.

The Year Monster Story.... the way I remember I was told anyway :\
The Year monster is a beast with the head of a lion and the body like a great ox. Usually, it lives deep in the mountains, but once a year, during the spring, it comes out of hiding to EAT PEOPLE. ESPECIALLY LITTLE CHILDREN.

So being the smart people they are, the villagers made up this rule where every family had to offer one of their livestock to the Year monster so it wouldn't go nom any of the kids or something.


like. we-only-have-one-sheep poor.

So logically, the only livestock they could offer was this one sheep. Except a couple days before new years it DIED.


Being caught in this desperate dilemma, this son character person who probably does have a name that I just don't remember finally gets the idea of propping the dead sheep up on wheels and then volunteering to be the guy that herds all the livestock into the mountains to feed the Year monster.

Of course, the stereotypical old woman mother gives mysterious advice and tells her son to carry a roll of red paper with him, and run back home as fast as he can if things go wrong.

which, of course, they do.

Year monster noms all the live animals of course, and when it snatches up the zombie sheep and takes a bite, it pretty much went ARRRRRAWRAWRWAR DECOMPOSING MEAT. AFK GROSS. I MAD NOW I EAT YOU. and grabs the son character, who freaks and chucks the roll of red paper IN THE MONSTERS FACE.


...and drops the son, who, of course, runs for the life of him back to the village.
Yeah, like most stories go, the Year monster starts chasing him back to the village, coz you know, monsters can't be defeated by chucking a roll of paper in their face.

But then when they get back to the village, there is red paper pasted to every doorway and everyone is wearing red! (SURPRISE!)
The Year monster is momentarily blinded! And then it hears LOUD NOISES. --which of course is everyone setting off a ton of firecrackers at its feet-- AND RUNS AWAY IN FEAR AND NEVER COMES BACK.

and that is why every Chinese New Year people wear red, paste red paper on the doorways, and set off a whole bunch of firecrackers. Because the Year monster is afraid of red and loud noises.

the end.

more impromptu rp things
 ...I am going to need a better system for organizing chat logs...


[上午 11:33:57] Liz Sunde: BORED
[上午 11:35:41] Joyce: don't take it out on the wall!
[上午 11:35:53] Joyce: ...or the fridge
[上午 11:35:53] Liz Sunde: ...pew
[上午 11:35:57] Joyce: HEY
[上午 11:36:02] Liz Sunde: PEW PEW
[上午 11:36:14] Joyce: we've already had to get a replacement for that fridge!!
[上午 11:36:29] Joyce: HEY.
[上午 11:36:30] Liz Sunde: pft, who cares about the fridge?
[上午 11:36:33] Liz Sunde: I'm bored
[上午 11:36:40] Joyce: Give me that gun!
[上午 11:36:48] Liz Sunde: No!
[上午 11:36:48] Joyce: is that /my/ gun?
[上午 11:36:57] Liz Sunde: Well /obviously/!
[上午 11:37:00] Joyce: that's MY gun, isn't it?
[上午 11:37:06] Joyce: where-
[上午 11:37:10] Joyce: how did you even-
[上午 11:37:25] Joyce: IT WAS IN MY PILLOW CASE
[上午 11:37:29] Joyce: /IN/ IT
[上午 11:37:37] Liz Sunde: Oh yes, such a clever hiding place.
[上午 11:37:42] Liz Sunde: /sarcasm
[上午 11:37:48] Joyce: //facepalms
[上午 11:38:16] Joyce: just. just give me the gun back
[上午 11:38:30] Liz Sunde: No, I don't think I will.
[上午 11:38:35] Liz Sunde: //pew pew
[上午 11:38:39] Joyce: OI
[上午 11:39:19] Joyce: Joyce walks toward but is hesitant to get /too/ close?
[上午 11:40:06] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde would never shoot you! Well, not on person.
[上午 11:40:12] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde steps backwards.
[上午 11:40:22] Joyce: Joyce steps forwards
[上午 11:40:30] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde steps back.
[上午 11:40:34] Joyce: Sherlock,
[上午 11:40:35] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde hits the wall.
[上午 11:40:38] Liz Sunde: Now, John...
[上午 11:40:43] Joyce: Joyce approches
[上午 11:40:47] Joyce: Sherlock.
[上午 11:40:50] Joyce: gun.
[上午 11:40:52] Joyce: now.
[上午 11:40:55] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde waves the gun about wildly.
[上午 11:40:56] Liz Sunde: No!
[上午 11:40:58] Joyce: Joyce holds out hand
[上午 11:41:12] Joyce: Joyce reaches for it anyway!
[上午 11:41:23] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde throws the gun!
[上午 11:41:28] Joyce: nuh- what-
[上午 11:41:30] Joyce: !!
[上午 11:41:39] Joyce: SHer-
[上午 11:41:41] Liz Sunde: Oh don't look like that. It's out of bullets.
[上午 11:41:54] Liz Sunde: And therefore of no use to me anymore.
[上午 11:42:02] Liz Sunde: Since you obstinately refuse to buy more.
[上午 11:42:03] Joyce: Joyce goes pick up gun and brushes it off, checking for damage
[上午 11:42:20] Joyce: you don't just /throw/ a gun, Sherlock!
[上午 11:42:25] Liz Sunde: Although that refusal is quite childish. What if you need the gun for something?
[上午 11:42:36] Liz Sunde: Well it's not like it would have accidentally discharged.
[上午 11:43:05] Joyce: well /you/ obviously wouldn't need it for anything.
[上午 11:43:15] Joyce: ..unless the wall was really attacking you
[上午 11:43:21] Liz Sunde: No, but you might. Danger and all that, remember.
[上午 11:43:30] Joyce: //SIGHH
[上午 11:43:54] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde walks over to the couch and plops on it. (quite dignified, mind you, despite the fact that me hair is all disheveled and I'm still wearing a bathrobe and pajamas)
[上午 11:44:16] Liz Sunde: And the most important thing is that I am still BORED.
[上午 11:44:39] Joyce: though I know well enough they [bullets] might be gone before "danger" even hits?
[上午 11:44:57] Joyce: Joyce unloading gun and checking inside
[上午 11:45:08] Joyce: //oh dear he's sulking
[上午 11:45:08] Liz Sunde: That's why you buy more. And at least make the effort of hiding them.
[上午 11:45:52] Joyce: yeah, like that would keep them away from you
[上午 11:46:13] Joyce: Joyce puts gun back together
[上午 11:46:47] Joyce: Joyce briefly considers hiding it again... but just ends up putting it in his drawer
[上午 11:47:07 | Edited 上午 11:47:24] Liz Sunde: Of course it wouldn't. But at least it would be slightly better than just picking the lock on your bedside drawer or opening your pillow case.
[上午 11:47:49] Joyce: //ohhhh. so this is a game to you
[上午 11:47:57] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde falls on his side, facing into the room
[上午 11:48:04] Liz Sunde: //well duh
[上午 11:48:18] Joyce: you know, there are things people do when they're bored.
[上午 11:48:23] Joyce: you know, entertainment
[上午 11:48:34] Liz Sunde: Dull.
[上午 11:48:40] Liz Sunde: I've seen crap telly.
[上午 11:48:41] Joyce: people go out, they do things
[上午 11:49:14] Liz Sunde: Boring things.
[上午 11:49:44] Joyce: the weather's not /terribly/ horrible anyway
[上午 11:49:50] Joyce: Joyce is looking out the window
[上午 11:49:59] Liz Sunde: So what do you propose?
[上午 11:50:05] Liz Sunde: I refuse to discuss the weather, John.
[上午 11:50:31] Joyce: //hasn't the slightest idea what to propose
[上午 11:50:50] Liz Sunde: Exactly. Everything is so dull!
[上午 11:51:20] Joyce: //taking a walk seems too ordinary, and you'd probably argue that going to the movies is the same as watching telly
[上午 11:51:37 | Edited 上午 11:52:09] Liz Sunde: [FAIL]
[上午 11:51:57] Joyce: [XD]
[上午 11:52:03] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde rolls onto back, presses heels of palms into eyes
[上午 11:52:11] Joyce: [there we go]
[上午 11:52:16] Liz Sunde: [shut up]
[上午 11:52:46] Joyce: Joyce goes sit on the arm of the couch
[上午 11:52:57] Joyce: then what makes shooting the wall so interesting?
[上午 11:53:06] Liz Sunde: If you're thinking about going to see a film, save your breath. Everything playing is almost worse than crap telly.
[上午 11:53:19] Liz Sunde: //surprised by the question
[上午 11:53:20] Joyce: //oh god he reads minds.
[上午 11:53:25] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde looks at John.
[上午 11:53:35] Joyce: Joyce ..looks... back?
[上午 11:54:09] Liz Sunde: Because.
[上午 11:54:29] Liz Sunde: //even he knows the truth makes him sound crazy. besides, he doesn't actually like discussing boredom.
[上午 11:54:31] Joyce: Joyce confused look
[上午 11:54:49] Liz Sunde: Yes, that looks certainly does suit you.
[上午 11:55:11] Joyce: psshht.
[上午 11:55:16] Joyce: Joyce looks away
[上午 11:55:39] Liz Sunde: Very clever, John.
[上午 11:55:39] Joyce: ookay, so finding my gun and ammo is a game,
[上午 11:55:53] Joyce: and shooting the wall is just to get me to hide things again?
[上午 11:56:00] Liz Sunde: Everything is a game, John.
[上午 11:56:07] Liz Sunde: That's one side effect, yes.
[上午 11:56:15] Joyce: //oh god how do I talk with this man
[上午 11:59:16] Liz Sunde: //that's for you to find out, you decided to room with him
[下午 12:00:16] Joyce: Joyce is sort of looking at his feet. Just a little at loss.
[下午 12:00:22] Joyce: ...
[下午 12:00:27] Joyce: ....I'll make tea
[下午 12:00:38] Liz Sunde: Thought you would never get around to that.
[下午 12:00:49] Joyce: Joyce rises to go for the kitchen
[下午 12:00:58] Joyce: //apparently tea solves everything
[下午 12:01:23] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde rolls back onto his side, curls into a ball and angrily eyes the telly
[下午 12:01:30] Liz Sunde: //tea does solve everything
[下午 12:01:39] Joyce: //dear god what has he done to the milk again
[下午 12:02:03] Liz Sunde: Oh, don't touch the milk on the door.
[下午 12:02:09] Liz Sunde: You don't want to drink that.
[下午 12:02:10] Joyce: Joyce was just sniffing the jug suspiciously
[下午 12:02:18] Liz Sunde: Try the one in the back of the fridge, behind the hand.
[下午 12:02:50 | Edited 下午 12:02:56] Joyce: Joyce ......reaches behind the hand. Gingerly.
[下午 12:03:49] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde is briefly amused by the idea of John's reaction to the hand before boredom settles in again.
[下午 12:04:13] Joyce: Joyce SIGH OF RELIEF! -when it doesn't... do anything unexpected like grab his wrist or something- this sounds ridicuous but you never know with things Sherlock's experimenting on
[下午 12:05:05] Liz Sunde: Stop being ridiculous. I am not going to experiment with reanimation of human flesh in our flat.
[下午 12:05:13] Liz Sunde: (//heard the sigh)
[下午 12:05:17] Joyce: Joyce pours a bit of milk in his own mug-
[下午 12:05:38] Joyce: Joyce considers a reply
[下午 12:05:52] Joyce: Joyce just sighs again in the end
[下午 12:06:27] Liz Sunde: You're so clever today, John. Truly...entertaining.
[下午 12:06:39] Liz Sunde: /sarcastic, not slashy
[下午 12:07:58] Joyce: Joyce breifly thinks about getting out the graduated cylinder for Sherlock's cup, but... egh. too risky, he's probably put something unspeakable in it before
[下午 12:08:22] Joyce: //contrary to popular belief, John does not want a poisoned flatmate
[下午 12:08:40] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde washed that cylinder, thank you very mu- actually, no, it's better you didn't touch it.
[下午 12:09:16] Joyce: Joyce guesstimates the amount and pours th milk in the cup
[下午 12:09:50] Joyce: Joyce puts the milk back... well, it wouldn't hurt if he put it in front of the hand, would it?
[下午 12:10:17] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde briefly considers the possibility of John one day attempting to kill him for being such a horrid flatmate. It's entertaining for a few minutes until he decides that the good doctor would probably just settle for leaving.
[下午 12:10:32] Liz Sunde: And please put the milk back where you found it!
[下午 12:10:59] Joyce: Joyce growls a little.
[下午 12:11:11] Joyce: //why does he notice everything
[下午 12:11:12] Liz Sunde: Oh don't make that sound. It's a little pathetic.
[下午 12:11:38] Liz Sunde: //because he knows that you'd try and stay as far away from the hand as possible
[下午 12:12:09] Joyce: //I am tactfully posing the question of why I'm still living with this man in my mind
[下午 12:12:23] Liz Sunde: //often wonders the same thing
[下午 12:12:51] Joyce: Joyce edges the milk slightly behind the hand and closes the fridge. Close enough.
[下午 12:13:25] Joyce: Joyce picks up the mugs and goes sit on the arm of the couch again, handing one to Sherlock
[下午 12:13:30] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde supposes that wherever John put the milk should be okay. He makes a mental note to check it later, once he can be bothered to get off the couch.
[下午 12:13:36] Liz Sunde: Oh, just put it on the coffeetable.
[下午 12:13:44] Joyce: ...
[下午 12:13:56] Joyce: Joyce does so.
[下午 12:14:07] Liz Sunde: //no, you're not going to get a thank you
[下午 12:14:20] Joyce: //there was some internal complaining going on about that
[下午 12:14:38] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde is watching the internal complaining on your expression.
[下午 12:14:47] Liz Sunde: What did I do now?
[下午 12:15:04] Joyce: Joyce decides he probably shouldn't expect more- oh god he's looking at me
[下午 12:15:39] Joyce: I don't know? A "thank you, John, for the tea" would have been nice
[下午 12:15:44] Joyce: Joyce sips at his mug
[下午 12:15:48] Liz Sunde: Oh.
[下午 12:15:58] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde considers the tea, then considers you.
[下午 12:16:04] Liz Sunde: Thank you, John, for the tea.
[下午 12:16:12] Liz Sunde: //mirrors your tone
[下午 12:16:43] Joyce: //this is one tenth of a spit-take here
[下午 12:17:14 | Edited 下午 12:17:21] Joyce: Joyce didn't actually expect you to, well, follow his suggestion
[下午 12:17:47] Joyce:'re welcome
[下午 12:17:57] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde manages to get the tea in his hand without shifting position and - still more amazingly - manages to sip some without spilling it.
[下午 12:18:09] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde does not acknowledge that something out of the ordinary happened.
[下午 12:18:31] Joyce: Joyce gets some tissues from... whereever they are in the flat
[下午 12:19:04] Joyce: Joyce sets them on the coffee table just in case
[下午 12:19:18] Liz Sunde: Please, John, I'm not going to spill it.
[下午 12:19:23] Liz Sunde: I'm not a child.
[下午 12:20:56] Joyce: Precautions. Normal people take them.
[下午 12:21:07] Joyce: you know, just in case you spill a little
[下午 12:21:13] Joyce: they'll be in reach
[下午 12:21:17 | Edited 下午 12:21:23] Liz Sunde: Pft. Normal people live normal, dull, mundane, unbearable lives.
[下午 12:21:37] Joyce: //and Lestrade would disagree with that child comment, but John decides not to say anything about it
[下午 12:22:23] Liz Sunde: //Sherlock knows that Lestrade would disagree, but Lestrade is not here
[下午 12:23:16] Joyce: [brb]
[下午 12:23:29] Liz Sunde: [same]
[下午 12:26:28] Liz Sunde: [back]
[下午 12:27:14] Liz Sunde: [do I want coffee or tea? hm...]
[下午 12:27:33] Joyce: [back too]
[下午 12:27:50] Joyce: [oohh hard decision]
[下午 12:28:09] Liz Sunde: [I knoww]
[下午 12:28:45] Joyce: you know, sometimes it's not bad to have a little bit of 'normal'.... here.
[下午 12:28:51] Joyce: //gestures around the flat
[下午 12:29:13] Liz Sunde: Don't be ridiculous, John. Normal is so...distasteful.
[下午 12:29:30] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde sips at the tea, once again managing not to spill. Triumphantly looks at you.
[下午 12:29:34] Liz Sunde: Normal is so tedious.
[下午 12:30:03] Joyce: Joyce huffs at that smug look of yours
[下午 12:30:34] Joyce: Joyce goes back to studying his mug of tea
[下午 12:30:40] Liz Sunde: You know you'd get tired of it if everything were normal and safe.
[下午 12:30:53 | Edited 下午 12:31:14] Liz Sunde: Normal people don't get to run about London in the middle of the night like we do.
[下午 12:30:59] Liz Sunde: When there's a case, at least!
[下午 12:31:10] Joyce: //oh god he's right.
[下午 12:31:23] Liz Sunde: //of course I'm right, I'm always right
[下午 12:31:27] Liz Sunde: You know it's true.
[下午 12:31:36] Joyce: //somehow this is both liberating and infuriating
[下午 12:31:59] Joyce: Joyce decides to just down his tea instead of a response
[下午 12:32:20] Liz Sunde: Just full of interesting responses today, aren't we?
[下午 12:32:58] Joyce: Joyce reaches for the tissues, still choking a little
[下午 12:33:00] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde sips at his tea. Looking smug.
[下午 12:33:17] Joyce: //.... wipe wipe
[下午 12:33:44] Liz Sunde: Do normal people always choke on their tea when they know I'm right?
[下午 12:34:00] Liz Sunde: Because frankly, you're the first to have done so quite so...dramatically.
[下午 12:34:10] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde is enjoying this.
[下午 12:34:23] Liz Sunde: //tormenting John is fun!
[下午 12:34:56] Joyce: Joyce is... how do you say, THIS IS A SPECIFIC BRAND OF EMOTION DEALING WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES
[下午 12:35:26] Joyce: then you'd say I'm boring and tedious then?
[下午 12:35:46] Joyce: //there is a little bit of spite while he dabs at his cuff
[下午 12:35:47] Liz Sunde: Oh no, you're not boring and tedious. You just happen to do boring and tedious things every once in a while.
[下午 12:36:06] Liz Sunde: You're actually /interesting/.
[下午 12:36:33] Joyce: Joyce huffs. Should I take that as a compliment?
[下午 12:36:51] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde sees your expression.
[下午 12:37:06 | Edited 下午 12:37:12] Liz Sunde: Not good?
[下午 12:37:19] Liz Sunde: It was /supposed/ to be a compliment.
[下午 12:37:43] Joyce: //the thought of being called interesting breifly brings the image of "John-mold" to mind, since Sherlock apparently finds molds much more interesting than people
[下午 12:37:46] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde puts the mug back on the coffeetable. More sulky body language, but doesn't actually turn over to face the couch.
[下午 12:37:54] Joyce: ..well. Thanks.
[下午 12:38:39] Joyce: Joyce dabs more at his sleeve, even though it's clear that the remaining tea's soaked into it and not more's going to get dabbed away
[下午 12:39:05] Liz Sunde: Oh just put it in the wash, you know it's not going to come out.
[下午 12:40:21] Joyce: //...there is a bit of irony in having to take a suggestion that's actually practical
[下午 12:41:14] Joyce: Joyce pulls off the half-tea-soaked jumper and places it on the coffee table, sloppily folded
[下午 12:41:23] Liz Sunde: //already exasperated, doesn't need mention of irony. god, mood swings for Sherlock!
[下午 12:41:54] Joyce: Joyce picks up the mug again. Might as well finish what's left before it goes cold
[下午 12:42:14] Liz Sunde: John. I'm still bored. Be interesting.
[下午 12:42:40] Joyce:, you going to just.. lay there all day?
[下午 12:43:08] Liz Sunde: Not if you would do your job as my flatmate.
[下午 12:43:29] Liz Sunde: Or if the criminals of London decided to do /their/ jobs.
[下午 12:44:20] Joyce: //ugh. how to entertain. John wonders.
[下午 12:44:32] Joyce: okay then, let's play a little game.
[下午 12:44:44] Liz Sunde: What sort of game?
[下午 12:44:51] Liz Sunde: /suspicious, but vaguely interested
[下午 12:45:51] Joyce: you say you can find my gun and ammo no matter where I hide them
[下午 12:46:18] Joyce: so, where do you think I'll hide them next?
[下午 12:47:05] Liz Sunde: I can't predict the future, John. I use my methods to see what's happened, not play guessing games.
[下午 12:47:12] Liz Sunde: //doesn't want to be bested
[下午 12:47:31] Liz Sunde: Well you've already hidden the gun in your pillow, so it won't be there.
[下午 12:48:22] Liz Sunde: And unless you decide to get a lock a bit more complicated (really, a determined seven-year-old could pick that one) your bedside drawer is also out.
[下午 12:48:55] Joyce: //okay... maybe he sould shove it under the mattress for a change
[下午 12:49:20] Joyce: //that'd be a little difficult to reach, though. hmmm.
[下午 12:50:17] Liz Sunde: I doubt you'd put it in the kitchen, since you always berate me for putting "unsanitary" things in with the food. It would probably stay contained to your areas - I know my bedroom too well, and you seem a little wary to venture in there anyway, who knows why.
[下午 12:50:30] Liz Sunde: And the sitting room would just be a silly place.
[下午 12:50:36] Liz Sunde: So, somewhere in your bedroom.
[下午 12:50:51] Joyce: //god damn.
[下午 12:51:18] Liz Sunde: You haven't tried under the mattress yet, but if your shoulder were bothering you, it would be a pain to retrieve it.
[下午 12:52:09] Liz Sunde: Your bedroom is rather Spartan, isn't it? The only logical places left are your dresser and the closet, both of which seem a bit juvenile. Hiding a gun in a sock drawer?
[下午 12:52:17] Joyce: //frankly, I don't quite know where I'd hide it just yet, but now the matress's out
[下午 12:53:07] Liz Sunde: Your options are limited, and not exceedingly logical.
[下午 12:53:12] Joyce: //bloody hell, I really can't think of somewhere other than the sock drawer
[下午 12:53:15] Liz Sunde: But then again, neither was hiding it in your pillow case.
[下午 12:53:51] Joyce: least then you'd probably not be able to get it if I where sleeping on it
[下午 12:54:01 | Edited 下午 12:54:08] Joyce: Joyce gulps the last of his tea
[下午 12:54:40] Liz Sunde: So you like to think, anyway. You're harder to rouse from deeper stages of sleep than you might realize.
[下午 12:54:54] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde retrieves tea and sips at it casually.
[下午 12:55:16] Joyce: ...and how would you know that. //skepitcal
[下午 12:55:50] Liz Sunde: /doesn't actually. wanted to see what your reaction would be.
[下午 12:55:52] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde shrugs.
[下午 12:57:13] Joyce: I don't still- ... do I?
[下午 12:57:25] Joyce: //hasn't had nightmares lately, but can't be sure
[下午 12:57:35] Liz Sunde: Less often, certainly, but every once in a while.
[下午 12:58:12] Liz Sunde: [because John gave his nightmares to ME. thanks, john.]
[下午 12:58:24] Joyce: Joyce presses the bridge of his nose
[下午 12:59:08] Joyce: //oh this is kind of embarressing. A grown man, having problems with nightmares
[下午 12:59:36] Joyce: [..why is it that eveything ends up getting to you lskdjsdg]
[下午 12:59:41] Liz Sunde: /is so unsure as to the good-not good protocols for this, he is /almost/ uncomfortable
[下午 12:59:51] Liz Sunde: [I don't even know sfhakjshf]
[下午 01:00:05] Liz Sunde: ...not good?
[下午 01:00:46] Joyce: Joyce sighs. Sort of at himself, for a change
[下午 01:01:03] Liz Sunde: ...sorry?
[下午 01:01:13] Joyce: well, might be a bit not good for you under normal circumstances, yeah
[下午 01:01:23] Joyce: //oh wait. what. did he?
[下午 01:01:31] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde hates having to listen whenever John gets a nightmare, but feels a bit like going to wake him up would be more embarrassing.
[下午 01:01:35] Joyce: //did he just apologize?
[下午 01:01:55] Liz Sunde: //...did I just apologize
[下午 01:02:12] Joyce: //really can't be sure
[下午 01:02:27] Joyce: //is going to venture confirmation?
[下午 01:02:28] Liz Sunde: //yes I think I did just apologize
[下午 01:02:32] Liz Sunde: //huh
[下午 01:02:37] Liz Sunde: //interesting
[下午 01:02:38] Joyce: ...did you.
[下午 01:02:49] Joyce: did you just say "sorry"?
[下午 01:03:11] Joyce: //feels stupid already
[下午 01:03:32] Liz Sunde: Isn't that what normal people would say? I'm feeling as dull and tedious as a normal person, might as well act the part.
[下午 01:03:42] Liz Sunde: //might feel a little stupid
[下午 01:04:02 | Edited 下午 01:04:04] Joyce: Joyce smiles a little
[下午 01:04:08] Joyce: //this turns to a giggle
[下午 01:04:16] Liz Sunde: Oh shut up.
[下午 01:04:43] Joyce: ..sorry, I- //giggling
[下午 01:04:59] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde >>;;
[下午 01:05:16] Joyce: we should sit home some more
[下午 01:05:19] Joyce: this is interesting
[下午 01:06:39] Liz Sunde: This is dull. And an excercise in how long it takes me to make a big enough fool of myself for to laugh at me.
[下午 01:06:56] Liz Sunde: //doesn't like being laughed at
[下午 01:07:32] Joyce: I'm- I'm sorry //can't help the smile while saying this
[下午 01:07:57] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde >>;;
[下午 01:08:00] Joyce: I'll make you another cup of tea, if it helps
[下午 01:08:29] Joyce: 'need to throw this in the wash anyway
[下午 01:08:43] Joyce: //gives a small shove at the tea-soaked jumper
[下午 01:09:00] Liz Sunde: No, it's fine.
[下午 01:09:08] Liz Sunde: //gestures at his half-sipped mug
[下午 01:09:16] Liz Sunde: Just dump that. It's too cold by now.
[下午 01:10:44] Joyce: Joyce carries the jumper under his arm and picks up the mugs
[下午 01:11:06] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde flips over to face the wall.
[下午 01:11:39] Joyce: //hm. is that supposed to be some sort of hint?
[下午 01:11:59] Joyce: Joyce decides to get rid of the dirty things first
[下午 01:12:00] Liz Sunde: //it's not a hint. it's boredom. and sulkiness.
[下午 01:12:15] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde does not do hints.
[下午 01:12:51] Joyce: Joyce puts the mugs in the sink and quickly goes upstairs to thorw the jumper in his own hamper
[下午 01:13:28] Joyce: Joyce comes back down to sit on the couch-arm again. He has little to do today anyway
[下午 01:14:17] Liz Sunde: Oh stop looking at me like that.
[下午 01:14:30] Liz Sunde: //hasn't looked at John. is taking a guess.
[下午 01:14:41] Joyce: Joyce is looking at him
[下午 01:15:06] Joyce: I'd feel a bit more bored facing the wall than watching a bit of telly, don't you think?
[下午 01:15:30] Liz Sunde: Everything on the telly is as dull as the wall.
[下午 01:15:36] Liz Sunde: But I won't stop you from watching it.
[下午 01:15:47] Joyce: ...
[下午 01:16:02] Joyce: scooch over a bit, we're watching something
[下午 01:16:26] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde sighs before curling his legs in to leave room.
[下午 01:16:31] Joyce: and you can predict the killer or the price or who's whose father or something
[下午 01:16:54] Joyce: Joyce sits down on the couch
[下午 01:16:57] Liz Sunde: Dull.
[下午 01:17:07] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde stretches his legs back out, leaving them on John's lap.
[下午 01:17:42] Joyce: Joyce saves the commenting, this happens often enough
[下午 01:17:48] Joyce: Joyce clicks on the telly
[下午 01:18:49] Joyce: Joyce there's some sort of murder mystery on. Seems interesting enough
[下午 01:18:59] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde scoffs.
[下午 01:19:07] Liz Sunde: If you must.
[下午 01:19:43] Joyce: ..better than nothing, don't you think?
[下午 01:19:53] Liz Sunde: ...I suppose.
[下午 01:19:54] Joyce: what do you think of the sister?
[下午 01:20:37] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde looks over his shoulders at the telly, makes a face.
[下午 01:20:46] Joyce: I think she's got something to do with it
[下午 01:21:15] Liz Sunde: No. It's the husband. Sorry, second husband.
[下午 01:21:38] Joyce: what? But he's barely even showed up!
[下午 01:22:07] Joyce: there were like, three two-second scenes of him or something
[下午 01:22:35] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde shrugs.
[下午 01:23:20] Joyce: [aaaand Sherlock proves right. As always.]
[下午 01:23:37] Liz Sunde: Really, John, you should stop doubting me.
[下午 01:23:56] Joyce: amazing.
[下午 01:24:20] Joyce: and you got that from just the first few scenes
[下午 01:25:07] Liz Sunde: Well, yes. I'm the world's only consulting detective for a reason.
[下午 01:28:30] Liz Sunde: /secretly enjoys the compliments
[下午 01:30:39] Joyce: //my flatmate is quite brilliant, yes
[下午 01:31:55] Joyce: Joyce secretly analyzes that Sherlock is just... too /addicting/ to be with, even if he does lack a lot of common social sense
[下午 01:32:42] Liz Sunde: Liz Sunde would be proud of you, secretly analyzing things.
[下午 01:34:48] Joyce: [I am so mature I stuff my phone under the pillow when I don't want to answer calls >>;;]
[下午 01:35:03] Liz Sunde: [good for you! XD]
[下午 01:39:33 | Edited 下午 01:41:15] Joyce: [Jeremy Brett comes to make your dysphoria better? ]
[下午 01:40:02] Liz Sunde: [XD he was so wonderful in that episode]
[下午 01:45:08] Joyce: I've gotta go out in a bit, I keep forgetting that I need to check that blood report >>;
[下午 01:45:31] Liz Sunde: Fine, then.
[下午 01:47:55] Joyce: Right. I'll see you in a bit. Stop sulking and try to get some sleep for a change.
[下午 01:48:10] Joyce: [<333]
[下午 01:48:14] Liz Sunde: Ha. Sleep. I can't sleep when I'm so bored.
[下午 01:48:16] Liz Sunde: [<333]


YOU GUYS I AM SERIOUSLY JUST SITTING HERE TRYING NOT TO FALL ASLEEP by typing? yeah. may or may not be a good idea there.

sob. I think I'm going incoherent. and that was only the first sentance.

so. so. I actually feel kind of accomplished for not crashing (yet) after an all-nighter? Also I was kinda of maybe more productive than ever. Also I may have slept less than the other three insomniacs that I constantly tut at to sleep more.

I am the best doctor in training ever.


sobsob. i swear i really do curse less irl.

walking from TnT back to South was probably a bad idea in a way. It wasn't even snowing anymore, it was just, WINDY LIKE HRRRRAGHGHAHGHGAFKL.

also pulling an all-nighter by yourself is like the loneliest thing.


Bio class.

falling on my face now. ffffffffffff.

this is...

sob only one person really gets this joke.

Hi Mycroft.

stop abusing your governmental powers.

I like my passport.

okay I'm done derping around now back to chemistry...

We didn't really change our screen names in the original, but it's more fun this way XD


[2010/11/30 下午 02:03:45] Sherlock Holmes: PEW PEW PEW

[2010/11/30 下午 03:09:08] John Watson: NOW WE NEED A NEW FRIDGE

[2010/11/30 下午 03:09:54] Sherlock Holmes: -___-

[2010/11/30 下午 03:10:29] John Watson: don't "-___-" me, I'm paying rent too!

[2010/11/30 下午 03:10:38] Sherlock Holmes: BORED

[2010/11/30 下午 03:11:05] John Watson: I'm sure Mycroft has a case for you

[2010/11/30 下午 03:11:19] Sherlock Holmes: Dull.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:11:53] John Watson: ..why do you not go outside and do things like normal people?
[2010/11/30 下午 03:12:04] John Watson: John Watson pokes head

[2010/11/30 下午 03:12:17] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes is poked. -_-
[2010/11/30 下午 03:12:23] Sherlock Holmes: Because that's boring!

[2010/11/30 下午 03:12:42] John Watson: John Watson crosses arms

[2010/11/30 下午 03:12:58] Sherlock Holmes: >_>

[2010/11/30 下午 03:14:36] John Watson: John Watson ..sits next to you with stack of papers to read

[2010/11/30 下午 03:15:03] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes is vaguely interested in knowing what you're reading.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:15:53] John Watson: acupuncture and back pain

[2010/11/30 下午 03:16:15] Sherlock Holmes: Interesting.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:16:39] John Watson: trying to figure out the best treatment for an obeise, middle-aged man with back pain.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:17:03] John Watson: [....this is actually doctor-y stuff what a coincidence]

[2010/11/30 下午 03:18:55] Sherlock Holmes: [and I am doing nothing remotely Sherlock-y. I am reading fanfiction and not doing my homework.]
[2010/11/30 下午 03:19:14] Sherlock Holmes: Well, that sounded more interesting before.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:20:36] John Watson: well. try not to get middle aged and obeise
[2010/11/30 下午 03:21:01] John Watson: bloody hell, I can't imagine having to deal with /you/ getting back pains

[2010/11/30 下午 03:23:09] Sherlock Holmes: You won't have to, seeing as my family history shows no indication of chronic back problems and the way you always tut at how little I eat would lead one to believe I will never be overweight.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:42:48] John Watson: you just... nevermind
[2010/11/30 下午 03:42:56] John Watson: John Watson looks back at papers

[2010/11/30 下午 03:43:15] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes silently celebrates victory.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:43:24] Sherlock Holmes: We need milk.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:43:37] John Watson: John Watson SIGHS.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:44:08] John Watson: Mrs. Hudson has milk to borrow, if you have the craving right now

[2010/11/30 下午 03:44:59] Sherlock Holmes: She hates me just traipsing through her apartment, thinks I might deduce where she's hidden my skull yet again. You should get it and make tea.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:45:05] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes takes the paper in your hand.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:45:18] John Watson: what-..
[2010/11/30 下午 03:45:25] John Watson: I'm /working/!

[2010/11/30 下午 03:45:38] Sherlock Holmes: No, you're whining.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:45:47] Sherlock Holmes: And about to go make tea.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:45:58] John Watson: John Watson is sitting here. giving you that look.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:46:27] Sherlock Holmes: No need to be like that. You always make tea before you can concentrate on your work anyway.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:46:41] John Watson: John Watson .....sighs, gets up, and walks over the damn bloody kitchen

[2010/11/30 下午 03:46:54] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes celebrates victory.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:47:56] John Watson: John Watson is going to put lots and lots of sugar in your tea to get back at you... even though the amount of sugar you prefer is not exactly known information...

[2010/11/30 下午 03:48:34] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes does not like sugar, just milk. And you should know that if you do that, I'll just take your mug.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:49:00] John Watson: John Watson sets tea mugs on the kitchen counter and goes downstairs to Mrs. Hudson.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:49:33] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes is absorbed in the papers. They're only a little dull.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:50:39] John Watson: John Watson comes back up stairs, adds a bit of milk to the tea, and bings the mugs over

[2010/11/30 下午 03:50:52] Sherlock Holmes: Thank you.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:51:16] Sherlock Holmes: Your papers are dull, like everything else.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:51:22] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes tosses the papers aside.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:51:28] John Watson: .....
[2010/11/30 下午 03:51:48] John Watson: John Watson picks them up and /hopefully/ gets to resume work

[2010/11/30 下午 03:52:35] Sherlock Holmes: Did you ever get more ammo for your gun, by any chance?

[2010/11/30 下午 03:52:38] John Watson: John Watson takes a sideways glance at you

[2010/11/30 下午 03:52:42] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes sips at the tea.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:52:57] John Watson: we've been through this.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:53:04] John Watson: my gun isn't a toy
[2010/11/30 下午 03:53:16] John Watson: besides, I /locked/ the drawer,
[2010/11/30 下午 03:53:22] John Watson: how did you get to it?

[2010/11/30 下午 03:54:00] Sherlock Holmes: Far from being a toy, I quite agree. You know I don't like sugar. And it was ridiculously simple, it would be remarkably dull if I told you.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:54:11] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes takes your mug, sips at it and puts it back down.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:54:56] John Watson: I- ... are you doing /anything/ now?

[2010/11/30 下午 03:55:16] Sherlock Holmes: No, there is nothing /to/ do! Everything is so dull!

[2010/11/30 下午 03:55:17] John Watson: John Watson takes tea mug protectively. mine.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:55:36] Sherlock Holmes: And Lestrade says I'm the childish one.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:56:18] John Watson: John Watson sitting here. sipping my tea. giving you that look.
[2010/11/30 下午 03:56:30] John Watson: I need to work

[2010/11/30 下午 03:57:00] Sherlock Holmes: And I need to not be bored anymore! Stop being so dull and ordinary.

[2010/11/30 下午 03:57:00] John Watson: John Watson takes a pen to the papers
[2010/11/30 下午 03:58:50] John Watson: ...why don't you go amuse yourself on the internet? I'm sure there's some amount of riddles waiting for you to solve somewhere...
[2010/11/30 下午 03:59:00] John Watson: //muttering distractedly at you

[2010/11/30 下午 04:00:29] Sherlock Holmes: Only things like, "Oh no, my cat's gone missing, can you find him?" My intellect would be insulted - /your/ intellect would be insulted - by such things.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:01:51] John Watson: oh christ, must it be eyeballs in the microwave to amuse you?
[2010/11/30 下午 04:02:07] John Watson: ...speaking of which, they're still in there

[2010/11/30 下午 04:03:23] Sherlock Holmes: Because the experiment is still on! If you so desperately need the microwave, borrow Mrs. Hudson's. Donovan already set them back a week by taking them out.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:04:22] John Watson: the microwave's not even on!

[2010/11/30 下午 04:04:55] Sherlock Holmes: It doesn't have to be! I don't expect you to understand, even if you are a doctor, but it's a highly regulated experiment.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:05:20] Sherlock Holmes: Besides, having microwaves eyeballs before, I can assure you that you would be far more displeased if it was on.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:05:44] John Watson: John Watson turns around to look at you
[2010/11/30 下午 04:06:05] John Watson: what kind of murder involves /microwaved eyeballs/?

[2010/11/30 下午 04:07:04] Sherlock Holmes: It wasn't a murder, it was for future knowledge.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:08:23] John Watson: for /what/?
[2010/11/30 下午 04:08:37] John Watson: it's not going to do anything but decompose in there!

[2010/11/30 下午 04:09:15] Sherlock Holmes: And maybe I am timing how long it takes eyeballs to decompose in a microwave! I really don't see how that experiment has anything to do with anything.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:09:45] John Watson: John Watson facepalms
[2010/11/30 下午 04:10:03] John Watson: John Watson should have known better than to reason with you
[2010/11/30 下午 04:10:11] John Watson: John Watson sips tea

[2010/11/30 下午 04:10:19] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes doesn't know why you didn't know better.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:10:40] Sherlock Holmes: You really should make me another cup, since you were so childish about making it incorrectly deliberately.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:11:07] John Watson: fine, fine.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:11:26] John Watson: John Watson takes both mugs to make a new batch

[2010/11/30 下午 04:12:44] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes is pleased. Takes the pen and hides it in one of those useless bouquets Mrs. Hudson insisted on giving them to put on the coffee table. Honestly, it just gets in the way, but it is useful for hiding things, I suppose.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:12:49] John Watson: John Watson returns and hands you your /unsweetened/ tea with a bit of milk

[2010/11/30 下午 04:13:00] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes sips at it.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:13:03] Sherlock Holmes: Much better.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:13:17] John Watson: John Watson sits down
[2010/11/30 下午 04:13:32] John Watson: John Watson gropes around for pen
[2010/11/30 下午 04:13:46] John Watson: ...where's my pen?

[2010/11/30 下午 04:13:55] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes shrugs.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:14:00] Sherlock Holmes: You should be more careful with your things.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:14:02] John Watson: ....
[2010/11/30 下午 04:14:16] John Watson: John Watson looks around on the floor

[2010/11/30 下午 04:14:26] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes drinks, watches you.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:14:45] John Watson: it was /right there/!

[2010/11/30 下午 04:15:27] Sherlock Holmes: Well, it seems that it is no longer there.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:15:38] John Watson: you saw it, I put it here when I left for the--
[2010/11/30 下午 04:15:51] John Watson: John Watson looks at you

[2010/11/30 下午 04:16:02] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes drinks.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:16:03] John Watson: Sherlock.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:16:08] Sherlock Holmes: John.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:16:15] John Watson: where's my pen?

[2010/11/30 下午 04:16:31] Sherlock Holmes: You really shouldn't sound so accusatory.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:17:13] John Watson: John Watson small sigh
[2010/11/30 下午 04:17:26] John Watson: I'm not /that/ stupid, you know?

[2010/11/30 下午 04:17:35] Sherlock Holmes: Oh?

[2010/11/30 下午 04:17:55] John Watson: you were here the whole time!
[2010/11/30 下午 04:18:00] John Watson: you haven't even moved!
[2010/11/30 下午 04:18:16] John Watson: who else is in our flat besides us?

[2010/11/30 下午 04:18:25] Sherlock Holmes: How do you know? Maybe I left to get something while you were making tea. Or perhaps I used the loo.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:18:41] Sherlock Holmes: Or maybe in your thoughtlessness, you brought the pen with you and left it in the kitchen.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:18:55] John Watson: /where's my pen?/

[2010/11/30 下午 04:19:11] Sherlock Holmes: I really don't know, John.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:19:56] John Watson: //okay that /might/ have sounded honest.
[2010/11/30 下午 04:20:13] John Watson: John Watson will just go back to his study and get a new one then

[2010/11/30 下午 04:20:44] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes does not want you to keep doing work, he wants you to keep him from being bored! Or at least get more ammo...
[2010/11/30 下午 04:21:09] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes is, however, amused at how easily you are convinced.

[2010/11/30 下午 04:21:14] John Watson: John Watson is not going to let you shoot anymore holes in the wall!
[2010/11/30 下午 04:21:25] John Watson: John Watson returns with a new pen

[2010/11/30 下午 04:21:34] Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes does not look amused.

i am sooooo regretting this in the morning...
The flat seemed almost uninhabited – dim and quiet, the loudest sound the tip-tapping of the rain on the window outside. But with a careful ear, amidst the never-ending chatter of the rain, a less organic tapping could be heard. Clicking. Tapping. Typing.

Two faces lit by the eerie white light of computer screens pronounced themselves in different locations of the darkened room: one with an expression of intense concentration, fingers frantically tapping away at the laptop keyboard. The other, well, was rather expressionless – not that that was uncommon for this particular person, though.

Sherlock was bored.

Very. Very bored.
Bored to the point of throwing random keywords into some internet search engine in attempt to stumble upon something vaguely interesting.


Dull. Apparently the vast majority of the internet had nothing more than a heap of sexual innuendos and poorly written articles to offer for most of these keywords. Sherlock slumped into the sofa after another random search failed to even vaguely entertain him.

John was busy working on a new post for his blog, sitting there at the desk. Quiet, and being very, very boring.

“Ugh. Dull.” Sherlock let out a small sound of distaste and rolled his eyes.

“What are you looking at?” John inquired distractedly, glancing only briefly at Sherlock’s general direction before returning his gaze to the glow of his screen.

Obviously just posing the question for the sake of one of those I’m-not-entirely-ignoring-you responses. Sherlock sank deeper into the sofa. Well. Better than no response at all.

“A certain type of humor based on plugging in movie or book titles into certain stock phrases.”


Bloody hell. He probably wasn’t even listening.

Not that Sherlock minded. Much.

The detective set his laptop on the tea table in front of the sofa and hefted himself off his cushiony niche. Turning on the small lamp perched on the round table next to the sofa, Sherlock stretched a little and lazily approached the corner of the room where boxes of a dead man’s books slowly took over more and more space as its contents somehow managed to creep out on the floor in the form of fallen over stacks.

Picking one off the top of a stack, Sherlock tilted his head slightly to read the title.

“A demonstration,” His voice was still quite unamused. “Norwegian Folktales. In your pants.”


Judging by the way the tapping of computer keys had no indication of slowing down, John probably didn’t even register the content of Sherlock’s demonstration.

Sherlock picked up another book.

“Lolita. In John Watson’s pants.”

A crash of fingers on keys. Pause. Three taps. Most likely the backspace key judging from placement of right hand.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray. In John Watson’s pants.”

Shoulders twitch. Proper registration of speech content confirmed.

“Wuthering Heights. In John Watson’s pants.”

Typing stopped. Slight tilt of head. Possible break of concentration from blog-typing task.

“Difficult Loves. In John Watson’s pants.”

Sherlock angled his head slightly from the cover of the book as he took note of John’s every reaction.

“Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture. In John Watson’s pants.”

Sherlock!” John turned around halfway in his chair, irritation bleeding into his voice.

Ah, finally a verbal reaction.

“I get it already, will you stop using my name in these?”

“You are so easily irritated.”

Sherlock tipped a book off the top of one stack, turning his back towards the other man in a painfully mild attempt of concealing how amused he really was.

“The Adventures of Sherlock Homles. In John Watson’s pants.”

Here's my sentance for the next four months...
Just look how colorful it is.

first semester on the left, second on the right.



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